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NFT Show Europe 2023




From July 14th to 15th 2023, the Spanish city of Valencia will host the second edition of NFT Show Europe, one of the world’s leading events on Web3, blockchain, metaverse, virtual reality, and digital art.


NFTSE 2023 gathers some of the most influential companies and artists to discuss the latest trends and developments. A major boost for the Web3 industry, fostering new partnerships and collaborations, which help to solidify its position as a major meeting point in this world.


Along with companies like Epic Games, Niantic, Animoca Brands, UNICEF, Vogue Business, United Nations, UNICEF, Alpine F1, Hugo Boss, Zepeto, Xceed Renault, and Digital Fashion Week, among others.


Among the contents offered, we can find important artists such as Zancan, Nicolas Sasson, P1xelfool, Ivona Tau, Studio Yorktown, Piter Pasma, Danielle King, Tim Maxwell, and Ana Maria Caballero, among others.


With an international audience of 59 countries and over 2300 visitors during NFTSE22, the organization forecasts a major increase, consolidating #NFTSE as the main meeting point for Web3-related companies and experts, blockchain innovators, data analysts, investors, early adopters, digital artists, and collectors.



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