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Staff Security Engineer (ZK/Rust)

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Job description


  • Company Overview: Polygon Labs is a software development company building and developing a network of aggregated blockchains via the AggLayer, secured by Ethereum. As public infrastructure, the AggLayer will bring together user bases and liquidity for any connected chain, leveraging Ethereum as a settlement layer. Polygon Labs has contributed to the core development of several widely-adopted scaling protocols and tools for launching blockchains, including Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon Miden, which is in development as well as Polygon CDK.


  • Company Culture: Polygon Labs values a collaborative and innovative work environment. The team is dedicated to driving progress and growth in the blockchain space, with a strong emphasis on trust, inclusivity, and professional development.


  • Work Opportunities: Polygon Labs offers a flexible work environment with options for remote, hybrid, or onsite work. They are dedicated to maintaining a supportive work atmosphere that fosters professional growth and innovation, particularly in Zero Knowledge technology.


  • Role Overview: The Staff Security Engineer at Polygon Labs will tackle the most intricate and pressing security challenges in the blockchain industry. This role demands a strong background in RUST programming and an extensive experience in security assessments and blockchain technology.


  • Responsibilities:
    • Leading and performing security assessments specifically for Rust-developed solutions.
    • Managing and guiding Bug Bounty Programs.
    • Collaborating closely with development teams throughout the SDLC.
    • Driving security awareness and implementing training programs for developers.
    • Mentoring team members and fostering a culture of security-first thinking.
  • Desired Experience:
    • Over 3 years of mastery in Rust programming language.
    • Deep understanding of Zero Knowledge Proof Technology and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
    • Expertise in identifying and resolving common smart contract vulnerabilities.
    • Proficient in using testing and security analysis tools and conducting thorough code reviews.
    • Excellent communication skills, with a proven track record in mentoring or training.
  • Additional Skills: Strong problem-solving skills and a data-driven mindset are crucial, along with a robust knowledge of blockchain data structures and security practices.
  • Application Note: Polygon Labs encourages candidates who are passionate about blockchain security to apply, even if they do not meet every criterion listed.
  • Compensation: The position offers competitive compensation including benefits like health insurance, a company matching 401k plan, allowances for home office setup and professional development, flexible time off, and additional wellness benefits.



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Full Time

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