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We want to make Web3 easily accessible to everyone – all from one place.

Web3 is expanding quickly, making it difficult to keep track of what is going on around the clock.

Our platform intends to address this issue by aggregating and providing simple and direct access to the best NFT marketplaces, games, metaverses, virtual and in-person events related to blockchain, crypto, and NFT, and more to come.

Who is our platform intended for?


People who wish to stay up to speed on current metaverse, NFT and crypto events, news, emerging marketplaces, and more.


Companies and individuals who want to promote their Web3-related creations or businesses in order to gain visibility and engagement.

Partner or job seekers

People who wish to enter Web3 and are seeking for the right development studio or a career in the space.

Event organizers

Event organizers who wish to attract speakers and attendees and boost ticket sales.

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