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Blockchain Expo

  • California


Blockchain Expo is the premier event at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of Web3 for enterprise, blockchain for business, crypto, tokens, Defi, digital assets, metaverse, and Web3 apps and gaming. This event offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into the cutting-edge developments and applications of blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and the emerging digital landscape.

Co-located with other influential expos like IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo, and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, as part of TechForge’s Digital Transformation Week and Edge Computing Expo, this event brings together an exceptional convergence of technological trends in one central location. It’s a unique chance for attendees to explore the synergies and interactions between blockchain and these other transformative technologies.

The conference agenda is carefully curated to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s most pressing topics. Expert keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, and solution-based case studies are all on the program, offering valuable insights and real-world examples of how blockchain is reshaping various sectors. These sectors include legal, retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate, and many more.


June 5, 2024 to June 6, 2024




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