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AnRKey X


About AnRKey X

AnRKey X is a pioneering play-to-earn game that integrates decentralized finance (DeFi), eSports, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain with Layer-2 solutions for scalability. It features a unique gaming experience where players can buy, stake, and compete with NFTs within the game. The central platform is the gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to allow users to engage in competitive eSports games, participate in staking, and trade NFTs, all within a single ecosystem. The native token of AnRKey X, ANRX, underpins transactions and rewards within the game, enhancing the play-to-earn model. This game not only provides entertainment but also offers players the opportunity to earn real-world rewards through their strategic gameplay and participation in the game’s economy.


  • Ethereum

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