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About LooksRare

LooksRare is an Ethereum-based community-driven marketplace for NFTs and digital collectibles.

It is an NFT marketplace that rewards traders, collectors, and producers for their participation.

As a result, users that purchase or sell any NFTs on the marketplace receive LOOKS tokens, the platform’s governance token.

The platform charges a standard 2% sales fee for all NFT sales, and LOOKS stakers get 75-100% of trading fees.


  • Ethereum


What is LooksRare?

LooksRare is a community-first marketplace for NFTs and digital collectibles on Ethereum.

Who founded LooksRare?

LooksRare was founded by by two anonymous individuals known by their pseudonyms, Zodd and Guts.

When was LooksRare launched?

LooksRare was launched in January 2022.

Which blockchains does LooksRare support?

LooksRare only supports the Ethereum blockchain.

Which crypto wallets are supported on LooksRare?

LooksRare offers connection to three Ethereum-compatible wallets including MetaMask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet.

What are the commission fees on LooksRare?

LooksRare collects a basic sales fee of 2% (in WETH) on all NFT sales excluding private sales.

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