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Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know about crypto and how to make money with it.


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We have years of experience teaching about cryptocurrencies. Through our courses, we make sure that you acquire the necessary knowledge to become autonomous with trading, and invest your money wisely.

What we do for individuals

Crypto Trading Courses


£499 / 1 month
  • How to read market structure
  • How to identify the 3 market structures; 1. Bullish, 2. Bearish, 3. Consolidation/Sideways structure
  • How to trade cryptocurrency profitably using technical analysis
  • How to use resistance and support to accurately predict trend directions
  • How to trade double tops and double bottoms
  • How to read candlestick charts effectively
  • How to use levels, trend lines, and channels to set up your charts


£999 / 2 months
  • How to use volume with support and resistance to identify trend strenght
  • How to use MACD oscillator to determine trends and reversal
  • How to use Bollinger bands to determine market trends and resistance/support levels
  • How to use RSI to determine overbought and oversold levels in the market
  • How to use Fibonacci retracement and extensions effectively to identify potential support and resistance level
  • How to use exponential moving average (EMA) to determine market trends and support /resistance level
  • How to trade triangles and pennants
  • How to trade cup and handle


£1499 / 3 months
  • How to use contraction and expansion strategy to trade cryptocurrency
  • How to apply wave theory to cryptocurrency
  • How to diversify your crypto portfolio
  • How to use advanced pattern to trade cryptocurrency
  • How to use advanced risk management strategy to manage your crypto portfolio

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One-to-one lessons

Full focus on your learn progress and needs.

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Two lessons per week

Engage in continuos learning and reflective practice.

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24/7 Support

Technical advice and support available 24/7.

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What we do for companies

Cryptocurrency & NFT Content Writing

Guest posting

Crypto and NFT articles

Crypto and NFT news

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Current Market

# Currency $ Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. 24h Volume C. Supply
1 bdt-crypto-currency-image Bitcoin btc $ 19023.51 -30.659938085799 21M 364.5B 33.9B 19.2M
2 bdt-crypto-currency-image Ethereum eth $ 1327.60 15.39 120.7M 160.1B 16.5B 120.7M
3 bdt-crypto-currency-image Tether usdt $ 1.00 -0.00051220492400506 68B 67.9B 43.2B 68B
4 bdt-crypto-currency-image USD Coin usdc $ 1.00 0.00193621 49.7B 49.8B 4.8B 49.7B
5 bdt-crypto-currency-image BNB bnb $ 281.92 8.09 163.3M 46B 757.3M 163.3M
6 bdt-crypto-currency-image XRP xrp $ 0.49 -0.011674028364089 100B 24.7B 5B 49.8B
7 bdt-crypto-currency-image Binance USD busd $ 1.00 0.00054166 21B 21B 9.5B 21B

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